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LDM – Large Display Module (Digital Inflation Equipment)

Large Display Module for Digital Inflation Equipment-LDM

The LDM is a large LED display module that provides a bright, attractive and easy to read display of digital inflation information, when coupled with an Airtec Digital Inflator. The LDM display mimics the inflator’s display.

The module can be readily mounted high on a wall or a hoist and is ideal for applications such as vehicle workshops and service centres, and truck or bus maintenance bays to enable the operator (and possibly even customers) to easily view the inflation informatio, particularly when the line-of-site to the inflator is interrupted, or when the distance from the inflator is too great to view the display.

The product is available in either wired or wireless connection options and is best configured from factory with the intended digital inflator. Wireless connectivity has a range of up to 100m and allows for easy placement wherever the display is needed with no wire connections between the inflator and the LDM.


    • Bright, long-life LED display with 58mm high digits for long-range visibility
    • Durable weatherproof enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor use
    • Available in various display colours (red, blue and green)
    • Connectivity options – wired or wireless

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