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ODH – Panel Mount Aircraft Tyre Inflation Module

ODH-Panel Mount Aircraft Tyre Inflation Module-300x300p

To round-out the mounting options for Airtec’s Digital Aircraft Tyre Inflators, the ODH is a compact, low-profile module designed for integration into a nitrogen cart or service vehicle, and can be fixed either inside an enclosure or to a dedicated frame or mounting panel. The module works in conjunction with a pressure regulator and a relief valve connected to a nitrogen supply to provide superior safety and pressure control.

The ODH delivers a leap forward in safety, accuracy and usability from traditional mechanical regulator and gauge type controls currently used for aircraft tyre inflation. Significant improvements include pressure set limits, low start-up pressures and default to safe pressure features in addition to Airtec’s smart, easy-to-use digital controls and robust electronics.

Product Features

  • Accurate, high pressure digital inflation up to 305 psi / 21 bar
  • Weather-proof front panel with durable steel construction
  • Smart safety features and customisable settings for improved safety and efficiency
  • Contactless Piezo Control Switches
  • Large backlit dual LCD displays
  • Compatible with multiple gases : nitrogen, oxygen and compressed air
  • Optional pressure preset switches
  • Calibrated in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and supplied with certificate
ODH Panel-Mount Aircraft Tyre Inflation Module