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Li-ion Battery System

Li-ion Battery System-300x300p

Featuring the latest in Lithium Ion technology, this battery pack delivers an impressive 6.9Ah (99Wh) for superior long-life power performance. This is more than twice the life of a heavy-duty cordless tool battery pack.

Designed for a steady power-draw, the battery system is the perfect match for an Airtec digital inflation system where a local power supply is not readily available: for applications such as portable inflation units, service vehicles and on-board systems.

The rugged IP66 water-proof and high-impact battery enclosure is designed to endure the toughest conditions and comes complete with an external isolator switch to conserve battery life.

  • Single large capacity, long-life Lithium Ion battery pack
  • Rugged IP66 battery enclosure with isolator switch
  • Battery charging station features fast 2-channel charging (charge time approx. 4hrs)
  • LED charge lights on battery pack for fast indication of charge level
  • Multiple in-built battery protection features
Li-ion Battery System